How to Clean and Maintain Tile and Grouts in Your Homes?

The floors in the homes get dirty with time and also the color of the tiles get fades. So it is important to maintain the tiles and grouts in your homes for effective cleaning. If the tiles and grouts are not cleaned and maintained then can lead to fading of the color. So in that case, can follow mentioned points that help in effective Tile and Grout For Stain Removal. In case, if you are not aware of the different ways to clean and maintain the tiles, they can refer the below-given information for the detailed overview.

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Ways  to Clean Them and Maintain the Tiles and  Grouts Suggested by Experts

Different ways  to clean and maintain the tiles and  grouts are as follows:

  • Use the Baking Soda Solution Mixed Along with  Vinegar

The baking soda is one of the best cleanings that is used for cleaning dirty floors. The baking soda is mixed in the hot water along with the vinegar solution. After the preparation of the solution, it is applied over the floors by rubbing it with the brush.  The brushing is important to scrub the floor and to remove stubborn stains and spots from the floors. After that make sure to use plain water to clean the floors.

  • Use the  Oxygenated Bleach to Clean  Floors

The next method is to use the oxygenated bleach to clean the floors.  The oxygenated bleach is mixed in the warm water and the mixture is applied on the floors. is applied on the floors and then use the brush to spread it evenly on the floors. The oxygenated to improve the color of the floors, and brightens the floor. Moreover, after the bleach let is allow to absorb for at least 15 minutes and then wipe the floors with the cotton cloth.

  • Use of  Hydrogen Peroxide Along with Dish Soap

The hydrogen peroxide is one of the best solutions for and grout cleaning and to remove stubborn stains. The is mixed along with dish soap and the solution is applied on the floor with the use of the nylon brush. After the application spread it on the floors, it is allowed to sit for around 15 minutes for the effective cleaning of tiles and grouts. For the best results, make sure to mix the dish soap along with the hydrogen peroxide for the best results.

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Why do you Need to Hire Us?

For the ones who want to make sure that their floors are cleaned or not. In that case, you need to contact Spotless Tile Cleaning which offer you with the Local Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne. The experts make use of the best techniques and methods for the effective cleaning of the floors. So the experts use the eco-friendly methods for effective tile and grout cleaning. It is best to give a call us at 1800 052 336 and hire us for the immediate services around the clock without any hassle.

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How Do You Mop Ceramic Tile Floors?


The best solution for Tile and Grout Cleaning is always incredible, simple to mix, amazing to use and you will see the extraordinary outcome. When you decide to mop your ceramic tiles you must complete a few easy steps before you start cleaning the ceramic tiles. The ceramic floors are very easy to maintain, and they are sturdy.

Ceramic tile flooring are the most favorite choice for many of the homeowner for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and even for the living rooms. They are very easy to clean and maintenance is very low compared to other types of flooring. Mopping the Tiles Floors is an easy job, but when you start mopping your floors it is always best to use the homemade cleaners instead of using the commercial cleaners that are fully filled with chemicals.

Homemade Tile Cleaners are always best compared to the commercial cleaners. On the other hand, commercial cleaners are manufactured using high concentrated chemicals which are really not good to you and your family environment. Here are the best cleaning solutions for the ceramic tile floors.


Here are the amazing 15 steps that will explain about mopping the ceramic floors:

  • Sweep or vacuum the ceramic tile floors thoroughly to remove the loose dirt, pet hair, and other debris from the floor.
  • Mix the commercial cleaner according to the manufacturer instruction or prepare your own homemade solution to clean the floors.
  • Fill the bucket with warm water and submerge the mop into the bucket
  • Wring the mop well to remove the excess water, damp dry the mop and wipe the floors thoroughly. Some mops have automatic wringer if not wring the mop with your hands and wipe the floors.
  • While wiping the grout be little cautious because the grouts have porous and tend to acquire more dirt compared to the Tile and Grout Cleaning. Pay more attention to the grout lines while mopping the tiles. Make sure that you have covered the grout lines thoroughly.
  • Immerse the mop in the water after wiping every section of tiles
  • Remove the excess water from the mop by wringing it
  • Repeat the same process until the floors are clean
  • Once you finish mopping allow the floors to dry completely, open all the windows and doors and switch the fan on. Use stand fan with ceiling fan to fasten the drying process
  • Now rinse the mop and bucket thoroughly and add clean and fresh water
  • Again dip the mop into the bucket and wring the mop
  • Mop the tile floors again by following the same steps; mopping the floors with clean water will remove the soap residues that may be left behind by the detergent liquid or cleaners. By following these steps you can notice that your tile floors are amazingly clean and shining.
  • Once you complete the mopping process dry the floors thoroughly.

Mopping the floors is very important to maintain the cleanliness and shining look of the tiles.

Professional Assistance: Spotless Tile Cleaning

Ceramic tiles are brittle and prone to damage. So to maintain ceramic tiles one should follow routine tile cleaning time to time. As we know the importance of ceramic tiles we provide you with the best Professional Tile Cleaning Services. Deluxe Tile Cleaning offers best tile cleaning and ceramic tile cleaning services at affordable costs. Specialised machinery and safe to use products are used to make sure that your ceramic tile flooring is clean and dirt free. Hire our professional tile cleaners today and make your ceramic tiles clean and shining again.


Tile, Grout Cleaning and Repair

Spotless Tile Cleaning specializes in Grout Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Sealer Stripping, Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting, High Pressure Cleaning, Grout Recoloring, Efflorescence Treatment, Silicone / Exp Joint Replacement, Slippery Floor Treatment, Tile Regrouting, Bathroom tile cleaning, Shower Tile and Grout cleaning, Shower Resealing Grout Cleaning sealing, repair, grout coloring, re-grouting and tile repair. Grout lines on tile and marble floors turn out to be soiled and very hard to clean. Mop and bucket on hands and knees is not an efficient technique for back the unique condition of your tile and grout back.

Clean Travertine Tile

Spotless Tile Cleaning uses trade exact cleaning solutions to untie stubborn soils and spots from the grout lines, along with particular agitating tools and tools to help in soil let go and rinsed with high pressure hot water washing and removal system to lift and clean the slurry. This procedure is very successful in restoring the unique look of your floor. We finish the procedure by applying a piercing sealer on the entire area for simple care and repairs.


Our Grout Cleaning Procedure

  • Pre examination – Our grout cleaning or repair service starts with a pre-inspection. This involves understanding the kind of soiling, age of soiling, cleaning or grout preservation history and inspecting for damaged or broken grout lines and the cause
  • Tile Grout Cleaning – We use the newest high tech high force system along with trade exact cleaning products designed to securely loosen embedded soil joint with force washing to further untie soils from the grout lines and rinse leaving the grout lines clean and inviting.
  • Grout Sealing- After the grout has been successfully cleaned. We use exact clean or colored Grout Sealant to defend the sealer and effortlessness of cleaning.

Professional Assistance: Spotless Tile Cleaning

The integrity of your tile flooring and tile installation is directly dependent on the grout. As grout cement is porous, it can accumulate a lot of dirt and with time this may cause it to break and tear apart. Avoid any damage to grout by following routine tile and grout cleaning. Spotless Tile Cleaning will provide its customers with grout cleaning and grout damage repair services 24×7. Our Professional Tile Grout Cleaners can help in providing strength to grout and whiten it to make it more beautiful. Avail our services today and get guaranteed results within the same day of hiring.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning and Grout Color Melbourne

Spotless Tile Cleaning are the best company of housing & business Tile Grout and Natural Stone Cleaning in the entire of Melbourne and the surrounding area, using the latest Truck Mounted and Advanced Cleaning Systems.


Improve the look of your ceramic tiles with our color matching grout sealant. With a diversity of colors to select from we can permanently seal your grout lines for unbelievable results and look which we will be happy to show you on your free demonstration.

  • The effect will make bigger the look of your room instantly. For images of cleaned and sealed grout lines please view our work on the gallery page.
  • The latest Innovation in Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne
  • Clean & capture grime & bacteria mould etc using the latest tools
  • Our higher systems using hot pressurized water draws out grime bacteria mould etc hidden and anchored within the tile and grout
  • During this procedure our Vacuums remove all solutions slurry dirt etc to our Truck Mounted recovery tanks
  • Our sealers assist prevent spills from penetrating and staining porous floor surfaces
  • This is a very clean and tidy procedure please contact us on 1800 052 336 for a free estimation and demonstration.


Natural Stone Cleaning Melbourne

Here at Spotless Tile Cleaning We can clean and reinstate your natural stone to its former attractiveness using our innovative cleaning systems We can seal your porous natural stone which can enhance the look and guard against staining using our non-toxic bio-degradable sealer

  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Terracotta

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Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

At Spotless Tile Cleaning, we are not just committed to housing cleaning. Our services range from care home, rental agents, schools and offices.

  • All Natural Stone and Ceramic Tiles
  • Stone floors
  • Stone tile
  • Walls
  • Commercial rest rooms

Professional Assistance : Spotless Tile Cleaning

Spotless Tile Cleaning provides its customers with the best professional tile cleaning services in town. Our esteemed services will offer marble tile cleaning, stone tile cleaning, Ceramic Tile Stain Removal etc at affordable costs. Our professional tile cleaners are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to provide you with instant tile cleaning and regrouting results. With years of experience and satisfied customers, we can deliver the best professional tile cleaning services 24×7 without costing you much. Hire Spotless tile cleaning today and maintain your tiles effectively and professionally without taking out time for self-cleaning.

Cleaning Grout between Travertine Tiles

Flooring grabs entire beauty home interior decor, whether it is granite or marble it should be maintained well to retain its beauty. Even new and most beautiful granite start looking dull and unattractive if the maintenance is not good.

The grout lines in the shower or floor quickly catch grime and turn the color within weeks if you don’t clean it regularly. You should clean the grout between the stone tiles often.

Here are the Tips to Clean the Grout Lines on Tile Floors or between The Travertine Tiles.

  • Choose The Right Product to Clean

While you start cleaning the grout, choose the cleaning product which is non-acidic and stone safe Grout cleaners. Because the common grout cleaners damage the granite or marble and other types of stone. So it is better to use the product that does not contain ammonia or acids, such as vinegar, alcohol and lemon juice, these products will damage the calcium carbonate in the stone.

Travertine Tile Cleaning

  • Agitate the Dirt from The Grout

To deep clean, use a small nylon brush to remove the debris and dirt from the grout lines. Before Tile & Grout Cleaning, spray little stone safe grout cleaner between the grout lines and allow it for three to four minutes. Then start scrubbing the grout using the nylon brush and rinse with water. Don’t use any hard tools that scratch the stone.

  • Seal The Grout Frequently

Most of the stains are removed from the grout when you clean them regularly and the best way to guard the grout against stain is to seal the grout with stone safe sealer. Before you apply the sealer in the three-foot section, clean the granite properly and immediately, after applying the sealer to wipe the stone with a lint-free cloth.

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Regular cleaning not only protects the stone but also prevents the grout from absorbing liquids and stains. Cleaning frequently prevents the tile because the dirt may be acidic and can etch the stone if it is not removed on time. If commercial carpet cleaners are not available to use hot water to soak the grout then start cleaning.

  • Always Keep The Stone Tile in The Bathroom Dry

If your bathroom floors are natural stone, prevent the mold and mildew growth in the grout. Normally all type of natural stones including marble, granite, travertine have little porous and easily absorb the liquid. The liquids such as water, soap, shampoo and other liquids are easily absorbed by porous. Try to wipe your bathroom tile frequently after every shower.

Wipe the stone with a squeegee and open the shower stall to keep the grout and tile dry after using it. This will prevent the grout from mold and mildew growth. If you have tile counter tops or floors make sure to clean the spills immediately after it happens. Spillages can leave stains when it is not cleaned immediately. When you start cleaning the stone tiles use neutral commercial cleaning products that are available for cleaning the stone and grout. Don’t use the hard brushes, which damage the grout and tiles easily.

Professional Assistance: Deluxe Tile Cleaning

We know the importance of grout in your tile floorings and installations. Grout cement must be taken care of by following routine grout cleaning. The integrity of your tile installation directly depends on the grout edges. Spotless Tile Cleaning provides its customers with best Professional Tile Cleaning Services 24×7. Our esteemed staff will asses the grout damage and provide instant grout damage repair. Special adhesives and quality cement is used for re grouting and you can also choose various colours for the grout too. Avail the benefits of our tile cleaning services at affordable costs and no delay.


Bring back that shine of Porcelain Tile with Spotless Tile Cleaning


When you need expert cleaning floor tile and grout service in your house or place of work, you are in good hands of Spotless Tile Cleaning Experts. It is not just scrubbing and mopping that clean your tiles in general, but our cleaning methods take up all debris and dirt.

Porcelain tiles are dense have a low porosity and are dampness resistant, they also come in a wide assortment of styles and colors, and there is literally a tile for every taste. Porcelain tiles can start to look a slight be deficient in shine after time, but doesn’t start looking at going to the expense of replacing your tiles when you can get them restored by Spotless Tile Cleaning.


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Porcelain tiles are illustrious due to their durability and high water resistance, and they are of various categories worth for you to know which installed in your home or office for maintenance reasons. Porcelain tiles prepared of thick dust hard-pressed method from porcelain clay to make it solid, hard and impermeable. They include single bodied, full bodied and micro-porous porcelain tiles. Mostly these tiles are glossy however some are textured which traps dirt, and they will need regular cleaning porcelain tiles service.


Grout Sealing can ensure that you don’t get a build-up of dust, dirt and debris that will discolor it and pull down the whole look of your floor. At Spotless Tile Cleaning Our porcelain tile cleaning can lift all the dirt from your grout, leaving your flooring refreshed and restored.

We will provide you with the highest quality cleaning along with the best customer service. Don’t take our word for it. Call us 1800 052 336 or contact Spotless tile cleaning Melbourne to see what our customers are saying about their experience.


Tile And Grout Cleaning – Improving Your Old Kitchen

tile and grout

If you want to keep your house clean and in good condition you must keep a good Local Tile & Grout Cleaning Company from every part of the floor of your home that will promote the positive energy of your home and will make your house look much more attractive, everyone will want to go to it because it will become a good place where you can see the good, because keeping a house clean and tidy is not only a role to follow by appearance, but also by the feeling that emanates towards those who live there, remember more than a place where your house is a companion.


Many times the suitness of a grout can be impossible to perceive above all because of the color, because if a tile is black as you can see the dirt inside it, of course it will always be there so you must always keep a constant rhythm and dedicate time and effort to this beautiful place we call home, because not only is it a house, this place will see children grow and develop to be good men and women so you must understand the importance they have and you must not forget it or leave it aside.

Removing dirty from a grout is easy with the precaution and care necessary to do so with sodium bicarbonate, water, a brush, and vinegar, after applying a good procedure you will notice the Tile and Grout Cleaning  that will take place and you will feel that beautiful feeling when you see your home clean and safe, but keep in mind to hire someone capable of doing this work effectively and can not be carried away by home methods which are very effective but impossible to predict the behavior of all the elements that are used.


Clean the tiles at least 3 times a week, remember that this is very important, and even if you don’t see it as essential keep in mind that small things do a big man, so keep an eye on small things not only when cleaning your house, but also in your life.

Every single moment is essential for what you want to become, every single action you take every single moment you judge will create the person you can be and define your potential and maturity to make things right, and if you haven’t lived that way until now, do it and start by cleaning your house.

A clean house is worth more, it offers you presence, stability and security, always remember this, everything you do makes you who you really are, so start cleaning your house by redecorating it and little by little you will begin to be a better person, life is made up of small moments, the human being is small then if everything small starts to count Expert Cleaning Service of your home and you will start to be better and bigger only with that small step you will become what you want to be.